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How We Help

At Schlosser, Fleming & Associates, Ltd. we work with healthcare professionals, small business owners, and high net worth tax payers. We help them view their financial pictures from all angles. Our professionals expose financial perils that threaten individuals’ financial futures, address how to mitigate those perils, and educate them on how tax and accounting management can be utilized to reap multiple benefits. This work allows our clients to enjoy a life of increased use and enjoyment of assets, reduced tax implications, and easier accounting management.

Some questions we commonly help our clients navigate include:

  • What is business tax compliance and how can you help me navigate these complexities?
  • How should I start planning for my retirement today?
  • What are the benefits of working with a firm that offers accounting, tax, and financial planning services?
  • Can you help me value my business?
  • I need comprehensive management advisory services. What do your services include?
  • How does my career projection effect how I save for retirement?
  • What is the advantage of working with tax professionals that have a flat monthly retainer?
  • What payroll services does my business require?

We are a small firm with institutional-level support and provide our clients with the best of both worlds — professionals dedicated to your success and who intimately understand your situation and access to the country’s top investment vehicles and support.